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Harry Belafonte Wants President Obama to Jail Dissenters December 13, 2012

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[Auther's Note: Ijust sent thisto a friend who had made me aware of the absurdity you see above. As usual, I have changed her name to confuse the StaatsPolizei.]

Hey, Wilma,

I’ve been getting madder and madder (not ar you) since I read this crap you sent me about Harry Belafonte, who made millions from American capitalism and now wants Obama to put all the people who made him rich in a concentration camp. He’s either evil, senile, or impossibly stupid.

You know, I have a plan for ridding ourselves of this communist trash and his parasitic entourage perfectly legally and peacefully. The trouble is, it requires that other people put in some time and effort on something other than getting some new moron elected, and I’m not even going to start writing it until I am convinced that other people prefer being free to whining about not being free.

I’ll leave it to these — in my long experience — mostly mythical beings (the rare exceptions know who they are, but they’re not many) to figure out how to manifest their willingness to mount a truly revolutionary change in things. But a fair start would be to purchase my book, _DOWN WITH POWER: Libertarian Policy In A Time Of Crisis_ (available at Amazon.com, B&N.com and elsewhere, in either “dead-tree” or e-book form) and carry it around with them wherever they go.

Yeah, like Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book in the ’60s.

We gave it as conspicuous a cover as my publisher could afford, so a room full of readers would be something really spectacular. And just incidentally, it includes a plan for fixing the mess this country has been turned into. The new plan is about how to get there from here.

I don’t want to hear any more whining. Spare me. We all know what Obama is. We all know what he wants to do. I know how to prevent it, but I’m bloody sick and tired of pushing a rope, and at this point I’d just as soon sit down, read a good book, and wait out the end of civilization.

Make what you will of that.

A LETTER ON FACEBOOK December 11, 2012

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I just wrote this to a guy on a FaceBook _warrior_ site who thinks it’s too late and nothing we do can save us from the end of civilization. Having changed his name to avoid more embarrassment than he’s gotten already,here is my reply:

Dear Neville,

I don’t know who you are, but you’re like that one, inevitable character in disaster movies, on the bus, train, airplane, dirigible, or whatever, who screams “We’re all going to die!” and has to bitch-slapped by a stewardess.

I am so sick and tired of conservatives who would rather lie down and give up than actually DO anything, I could puke. Years ago, I spent several months as the resident firearms expert on a radio program, here in northern Colorado, listening to phone calls from conservatives who actually _resented_ me for presenting solutions to problems. If it weren’t for them and their ilk, we’d have a free country by now.

The other side, the Donkey Boys, is weak and stupid. If the “other other side”, the Elephant Men, which is equally weak and stupid, hadn’t given us their weakest and stupidest candidate to vote for, things would be changing for the better, right now.

As it is, our Marxoid overlords know that they have only a narrow window in which to work their will on us. If we oppose them at every turn, their time will pass, and regaining our free country will begin. Take two steps right now: join Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (you don’t have to be Jewish — I’m not) at www.jpfo.org

Then go buy and read my book _Down With Power: Libertarian Policy in a Time of Crisis_, available from Amazon,com or B&N.com in dead-tree or e-book format. It’s one of those underground “silent” bestsellers, like _Unintended Consequences_ and it could be the only thing standing between all of us and a FEMA concentration camp.

As you read it, you’ll find _plenty_ of things to do.

So do them.

To the “Gang” at JPFO: November 22, 2012

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When I opened my e-mail this morning (yes, even on Thanksgiving Day), I came across a message from Ammoland.com, a site I generally find interesting. But this particular morning, I was surprised and delighted to find the following contribution from my very own favorite pro-gun organization, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

I’ve been associated with this organization, founded by my friend, the late Aaron Zelman, for at least 15 years, and this, in my opinion, is the best outreach effort I’ve seen the group mount.The hypocrisy of Hollywood is there for anyone to see and despise. Indeed I first wrote about it when the viciously anti-gun Australian actor Rod Taylor was filmed fighting a duel with football player turned actor Jim Brown, using _chainsaws_.

I don’t know which of my friends and associates at JPFO pulled this off, but it’s just the thing we need to kick off a year that will see the dirtiest and most frantic attempts ever to rob us of our fundamental human right to own and carry weapons.


Thanks, friends!

L.Neil Smith

My Favorite Beers August 11, 2012

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Those who know me may be aware that one of my favorite practices is to mix the excellent Mexican beer Negra Modelo half-and-half with Clamato, a form of tomato drink sweetened with the juice of clams. Yes, I know it sounds horrible. So does eating soft-boiled eggs if you try to describe it in writing.

I also like “bloody marias — Clamato and tequila. I suppose I should confess here and now that I like anchovies on my pizza, and that I’m a great fan of smoked oysters, on pizza or on yellow crackers with Miracle Whip the way my mama used to make.

Recently, I have discovered something else that I have surprised myself by liking very much. My wife and I play pool together two or three times a week, and one of the places we go to serves “Chelada”, a canned drink consisting of Bud light and somewhat less Clamato than I’m used to drinking with Negra Modelo. I never thought I’d care for anything made by Anheuser-Busch (they have a huge factory just north of this town which is also a sort of capital for microbreweries), but I have to admit that Chelada — the pool hall serves it over ice in a salt-rimmed glass — is light and refreshing.

I’m bothering with all this because, when I went to look Chelada up on Google, curious about other people’s opinions, I found almost nothing but childish and snotty reviews, most of them making fun of clam juice. I don’t think any of them had anything at all to do with how the stuff actually tastes.

I don’t really care, but I believe my own taste is more than vindicated by my choice of Negra Modelo, always one of the top ten beers listed on beer websites. This town is also the home of New Belgium’s Fat Tire, the stuff that got me interested in drinking beer in the first place.

I just detest snobbery of any kind, whether it’s about beer, wine, whiskey, chocolate, or anything else.


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From time to time, folks ask me for an up-to-date listof my books.
Here is the latest. See my books in print at Phoenix Pick (through
Amazon.com and B&N.com), BigHeadPress.com, JPFO.org,
Baen Books, and Mountain Media. Many are also available in e-book
formats such as Kindle and Nook.

In original order of publication, then …

THE PROBABILITY BROACH (Del Rey, Dec. 1979 — Tor Books, Dec. 2001)

In a deadly conflict with murderous federal agents, Denver
homicide detective Win Bear is accidentally blown “sideways” in time,
into the North American Confederacy, where the Whiskey Rebellion
succeeded in 1794, and government has grown less powerful ever since.

L. Neil Smith’s first book, originally published by Del Rey Books
(Random House), 1980, and Tor Books, 1996. 1980/81. Prometheus Award
winner, widely considered “the” definitive libertarian novel.

Reissued by Tor Books, December, 2001 in trade format.

THE VENUS BELT (Del Rey, 1980 — Phoenix Pick, 2009)

How does a totally ethical culture conquer its “final frontier”?
A mysterious series of disappearances leads gumshoe Win Bear, assisted
by Koko Featherstone-Haugh (a young female gorilla) and Lucy Kropotkin
(a disgruntled murder victim temporarily housed in a robot body) to
the asteroids, a super-villain with an all-too-familiar face, and a
conspiracy stretching across whole universes.


On an alien world whose furry, nine-legged, crablike inhabitants,
the _lamviin_, are just entering their own “Age of Invention”, a royal
“fireman” must create the art of criminal detection from scratch, in
order to solve the murder of his favorite teacher.

THE NAGASAKI VECTOR (Del Rey Books, 1983)

Is a culture with an absolute regard for individual rights really
helpless against those who would destroy it? Professional time
traveler Bernie Gruenblum hires detective Win Bear to track down the
stolen flying saucer … who loves him.

Available from CD-Baby as an audiobook read by radio talk show
host Brian M. Wilson

(Del Rey Books, 1983)
(Del Rey Books, 1983)
(Del Rey Books, 1983)

Youthful adventures of Star Wars’ famous gambler before Han Solo
won the Millenium Falcon from him. Re-released in omnibus edition,

TOM PAINE MARU (Del Rey, 1984 — Phoenix Pick, 2009)

The North American Confederacy reaches the stars at last, its
Prime Directive: search out governments wherever they are found to
exist — and destroy them!

The Phoenix Pick edition contains a discussion — cut from Del Rey
version — of the origin of the authoritarian personality.


Detective Win Bear travels back in time to 1794 to save Albert
Gallatin, founder of the North American Confederacy, from assassins.
First appearance in print of the author’s “Covenant of Unanimous

THE WARDOVE (Berkley-Ace, 1986)

Earth was destroyed in 2023 and only Lunar colonists survived.
Nine hundred years later, in a star-spanning “nation” without
conscription or taxation, Captain Nathaniel Blackburn of Coordinated
Arm Intelligence must find out who’s killing rock musicians (loosely
based on Fleetwood Mac and The Police) raising money for the War
Against the murderous Clusterian Powers. A story of unrequited love.
Includes lyrics to a dozen songs written by the author. Beware of
unauthorized trade paperback editions.

THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE (Tor, 1986 — Phoenix Pick, 2009)

Muslims rule the world in this adventure of a sword-slinging
inventor and gunsmith in an alternate universe where the Black Plague
killed 999 out of 1000, and technology — especially firearms — took
the blame.


On Majesty, a planet covered from pole-to-pole, with jungle six
miles deep, Win Bear’s great-grandson MacDougall battles to prevent a
terrible crime and recover a lost inheritance. Set in the universe of
_Tom Paine Maru_.


The first of six projected sequels to Brightsuit MacBear: testing
a marvelous “subfoline” craft, young Elsie Nahuatl (last seen in _Tom
Paine Maru_) becomes lost amidst the bizarre collectivist cultures
which lurk beneath the planet Majesty’s “Sea of Leaves” with her
adopted father — a cybernetically-enhanced coyote.

HENRY MARTYN (Tor Books, 1989)

A thousand years from now, in the depths of interstellar space,
there will be sailing ships — and pirates! Vast empires clash as
young Arran Islay fights for freedom, and to regain a legacy brutally
stripped from his family by the “Black Usurper”.

PALLAS (Tor Books, 1991 — Phoenix Pick, 2010)

In the persons of Gibson Altman, exiled liberal United States
Senator, and Emerson Ngu,a young Vietnamese/Cambodian immigrant boy
who aspires to manufacture firearms, socialist “East America” and
frontier entrepreneurs of the West American “Jackelope Republic” under
the notorious “Stein Covevnant” of self-government struggle for
control of a whole new world, the second largest of the asteroids.
Lots of action, romance, RKBA polemics, plus metallic silhouette

Winner of the 1994 Prometheus Award.

BRETTA MARTYN (Tor Books, 1996)

Fifteen years after her father Arran’s adventures (_Henry Martyn_)
Robretta Islay sails to the stars to expose the source of Oplyte
slavery and stamp it out. Along the way she travels across half a
galaxy, faces hideous perils, suffers grievously, meets many wild and
wonderful characters, and eventually rediscovers the homeworld of the
human race. (Also a sequel to _The WarDove_.)

THE MITZVAH (with Aaron Zelman, Mazel Freedom Press, 1999).

A Roman Catholic monsignor from Chicago discovers that he’s
actually a Jewish Holocaust orphan and must decide, not only between
the faith he was brought up in and the faith he was born to, but
between his liberal pacifist beliefs and those of his real family,
many of whom joined the Resistance and fought and killed Nazis.

Winner of Free-Market.net’s Freedom Book of the Month Award for
July, 1999. Co-author, the late Aaron Zelman, was the founder and
executive director of JPFO: Jews for the Preservation of Firearms

FORGE OF THE ELDERS (Baen Books, 2000)

When most nations rejected Marxism in the 1990s, the Berlin Wall
fell, and the Soviet Empire collapsed, the United States embraced
Marxism wholeheartedly and dragged the whole world back down into the
pit of collectivism. Now the American Soviet Socialist Republic claims
the asteroid 5023 Eris, but somebody (or something) is already there!
The Elders are from Earth … sort of. They aren’t human. But they’re
individualists — and capitalists!

Winner of Free-Market.net’s Freedom Book of the Month Award for
May 2000, Freedom Book of the Year Award 2000, and the 2001 Prometheus
Award. Originally published in 1990 as CONTACT AND COMMUNE and
CONVERSE AND CONFLICT by Warner Books, who unilaterally cancelled the
third volume, CONCERT AND COSMOS) Now issued as the single epic work
it was always meant to be.

HOPE (W/Aaron Zelman, Mazel Freedom Press, 2001 — Phoenix Pick, 2009)

A story filled with political struggle, attempted assassination,
adventure, and romance: Vietnam War veteran, retired billionaire, and
history professor Alexander Hope, “accidentally” elected President of
the United States in 2008, begins to enforce the Bill of Rights as if
it were the highest law of the land that it is.

A loose sequel to _The Mitzvah_, with Aaron Zelman. Winner of
Free-Market.net’s Freedom Book of the Month Award for August, 2001.

THE AMERICAN ZONE (Tor Books, November, 2001)

Terrorists try to force a government to form in the North American
Confederacy. Detective Win Bear (hero of _The Probability Broach_, et
al.), his wife Clarissa, and his friends Lucy Kropotkin and Will
Sanders stalk the badguys through a self-isolated community of fresh
(and frightened) immigrants to the first free country they’ve ever

LEVER ACTION (Mountain Media, 2001)

Non-Fiction. Twenty years of speeches, articles, and internet
columns from the author of _The Probability Broach_, _Forge of the
Elders_, _Pallas_, and (with Aaron Zelman) _The Mitzvah_ and _Hope_.
Published just before the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Winner of Free-Market.net’s Freedom Book of the Month Award for
May 2001.

(BigHeadPress.com, 2004)

L. Neil Smith’s first book, adapted as a 180-page, full color
graphic novel, visually realized by Scott Bieser, late summer, 2004.
Also a Prometheus Award-winning webcomic available at
www.BigHeadPress.com or Amazon.com

ROSWELL, TEXAS (BigHeadPress.com., 2008)

In 1947, in an alternate version of the Lone Star Republic that
was never a part of the United States (and where Richard Wagner and
Scott Joplin teamed up in the east Texas city of New Orleans to write
the epic opera, _Die Alamo_) an unlikely trio of Texas Rangers races
against time and foreign enemies to claim the wreckage of an unknown
spacecraft near the west Texas town of Roswell. Co-written by Rex
“Baloo” May. Brilliantly illustrated by Scott Bieser, et al.

See the webcomic at www.BigHeadPress.com
Buy the graphic novel at Amazon.com

TIMEPEEPER (BigHeadPress.com, 2009)

“In the years of the Great Moratorium”, when new legislation os
forbidden, and old laws can only be repealed, three teenagers in the
late 21st century steal a small, remote-controlled time machine, lose
it in the past, and must retrieve it before they’re caught. Fancifully
illustrated by Sherard Jackson.

Now a webcomic at www.BigHeadPress.com, and a graphic novel at

CERES (Phoenix Pick, December, 2010)

Half a century after the events recounted in _Pallas_, the
grandchildren of Emerson Ngu face their own challenges, terraforming
the largest of the asteroids, protecting the solar system’s Settled
Worlds from “extinction level events” (like the one that killed the
dinosaurs), and simply living their own lives in the early 22nd
century. While her asteroid-mining brother fights space pirates, Llyra
Ngu, a young athlete born on Pallas, struggles grimly to perform in
the higher gravity of Ceres, Earth’s moon, Mars, and Earth itself.

Nominated for the Prometheus Award

PHOEBUS KRUMM (BigHeadPress.com, 2010)

A beautiful Empress calls an old space pirate out of retirement to
hunt down and destroy a massive enemy super-ship that threatens the
civilized galaxy. (A web-comic and graphic novel, part of the _Henry
Martyn_ cycle)

SWEETER THAN WINE (Phoenix Pick, July 2011)

A young American soldier, bitten in World War II France by a
beautiful, seductive Rumanian Resistance pilot — who happens to be a
vampire — now works as a private detective near Denver, and tries to
live an ethical life. He wonders what became of his lost love, and
eventually confronts a vampire so old that it first fed on Neanderthal

DOWN WITH POWER (Phoenix Pick, 2012)

Non-Fiction. A comprehensive guidebook of libertarian policy
positions, rather than theory, written by a 50-year veteran of the



P’Nan moral debt assessor Eichra Oren and his trusty sidekick Sam
(an enhanced Samoyed dog) are hired to investigate industrial sabotage
on an alternate Earth ruled by giant molluscs, and stumble across a
hideous murder — and an alien invasion! (AQ new part of the _Forge of
the Elders_ cycle)


The seventh unsuccessful expedition of would-be Martian colonists,
stranded and abandoned on the Red Planet by the government of East
America and the United Nations, are saved by William and Brody, the
sons of Emerson Ngu, who show them a new way to terraform a planet in
the face of violent opposition from Earth. Principally features Llyra
Ngu’s grandmother, Julie Segovia, as a young East American Marine
lieutenant, sent to Mars to punish recalcitrant colonists. (Fits
between _Pallas_ and _Ceres_.)

SMARTBAIT (With Rex “Baloo” May)

Centuries after the human race has become extinct, a species of
intelligent crickets are building their own civilization on the ruins
of ours, and mounting an expedition to discover why the Gods (that’s
us) created them, and where we disappeared to, afterward.


The asteroid survey vessel _Rosalie Frazier_ discovers evidence of
a horrifying crime committed by the government of East America almost
a century ago, and an old, sick man without hope rediscovers his
youth, adventure, and the love of the most beautiful girl in the Solar
System. (Follows and is contemporary with _Ceres_.)


A grown-up Llyra Ngu Trask travels with her husband and children
to Rosalie, the beautiful extrasolar planet discovered by her great
grandfather Emerson during the _Fifth Force_ expedition and named for
her great grandmother. Adventures and a new life on a pristine world
in something resembling the Pleistocene Era. Concludes the Ngu Family


Comedy movie treatment about California, the movies, and sweet
surrender in the War on Drugs.


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Dear Readers and Friends,

I regret that I haven’t sent out an update like this since February. I’ve
been too busy actually writing the stuff: two novels, parts of a screenplay,
and at least an article a week for _L. Neil Smith’s THE LIBERTARIAN
ENTERPRISE_. There will be those, of course, who don’t regret it at all.

I’ll also take the time to say that, if you like anything you see
here, as the old saying goes, “Don’t applaud, throw money.” There are
buttons for you to accomplish that at the bottom of each article, and it will
help keep my wife from glaring at me when I write opinion pieces instead
of slaving over a hot novel. If you look around _TLE_in general, you’ll
find there are similar buttons for our other writers, and for our editor, as

I should also mention that I’ve had an article in every issue of
Ernie Hancock’s _Freedom’s Phoenix Magazine_ so far. That said, here’s
what I’ve been up to since the middle of last winter …

“Amendment Three Point Five” by L. Neil Smith
“The Russians will be equipped and trained with American weapons … ”


“Epiphany in A Major” by L. Neil Smith
“Go home Nancy, you mad cow.”


“In the Final Analysis” by L. Neil Smith
“Stealing political calumny is as parasitic as it gets.”


“Internet Freedom: A Clarion Call” by L. Neil Smith
Why the Internet is like the Reformation.


“A Policeman’s Lot” by L. Neil Smith
“The cops are now the standing army the Founding Fathers feared.”


“A Little History Lesson” by L. Neil Smith
” … Lyndon Baines Johnson, crooked a barrel of fish hooks … ”


“Chapter Twenty-eight: Council of War” by L. Neil Smith
An Excerpt From the forthcoming novel _Blade of P’Na_


“An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh” by L. Neil Smith
“I … suggest that you read my book DOWN WITH POWER … ”


“The Rock Star” by L. Neil Smith
” … green on the outside and red on the inside … ”


“The Shiny New Face of Genocide” by L. Neil Smith
“David Suzuki … the Grand Kleagle of ecofascist philosopher-thugs.”


“The Face of Evil” by L. Neil Smith
“Two more words and then I’m done: Madeline Albright.”


“Perspective” by L. Neil Smith
” … nobody ever ‘hired’ me to be agreeable.”


“The Promise and Problems of Mars” by L. Neil Smith
” … repairing a badly-damaged dream.”


L. Neil Smith, Publisher and Senior Columnist
” … that the man was holding a cigar made it even more horrible …”


“A Sign of Weakness” by L. Neil Smith
” … the minute he apologized … they fell on him like wolves.”


“Thoughts On Some Current Events” by L. Neil Smith
“Nuremberg II. Alcatraz II. Good bumper stickers.”


“Separating Sheep From Goats” by L. Neil Smith
If we’d been liberals, somebody would have gotten shot.


“How I Spend My Weekends” by L. Neil Smith
” … why people put so much ammunition down the toilets is a mystery.”


“PowerPigs” by L.Neil Smith
“Kennedy was no less a power-drunken swine than any other politician.”


“Dr. Sean Gabb, An Interview” by L. Neil Smith
“The socialist takeover of the English mind … ”


“Criminal Justice” by L. Neil Smith
” … it’s like a Jeff Foxworthy routine straight out of hell/”


“Rational Defense in a World Gone Mad”
An Excerpt from _Down With Power_ by L. Neil Smith
“It is too late to control nuclear weapons … they are already obsolete.”


“Pot and Kettle” by L. Neil Smith
” …we present you here with Article I, Section VIII of the Constitution.”


“I Want My Future Back” by L. Neil Smith
“The only way to control the government is to become the government. ”


“Chapter 27 “Nightcrawlers” by L. Neil Smith
An Excerpt from the forthcoming novel _Blade of p’Na_
“She almost made me wish I were a humanoid.”


Finally, please look for my three latest books on Amazon.com
or at B&N.com, available in dead-tree form, or in Kindle and most other
e-book formats. They are: _Ceres_, _Sweeter Than Wine_, and _Down
With Power: Libertarian Policy In An Age Of Crisis_.


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Dear Mr. Limbaugh,

I began listening to you early in the Clinton Administration. For
years you’ve said you’re playing with half your brain tied behind your
back “just to make it fair”. For the same number of years, I’ve been
saying (admittedly to a much smaller audience), that if you ever
untied and started using the other half of your brain, you’d be a

That was all in fun (although I do believe it). But what I have to
tell you now is intended quite seriously. I’ve been involved in the
libertarian movement for 50 years, since 1962, when I was 16 years
old — almost before the word “libertarian” was in common currency. In
all of that time, we libertarians have learned to handle the Left,
better, I think, than the Right does. Partly that’s because we aspire
to many of the same things that they do — except that we really mean

And more importantly, we want to achieve it by ethical means. We
want women to be safe and secure, for example. Do we give them little
plastic whistles, or blue-lit telephones on college campuses, or hold
candle-lit “Take back The Night” parades? We do not. We teach them
to shoot.

And when we call it “Victim Disarmament” instead of “gun control”,
the so-called “progressives” look like they’ve been punched in the

We’re not afraid of “taboo” topics, either, because today’s
“nutcase” explanations of the way the world works is tomorrow’s given
wisdom. Gasoline, for example, is expensive, not because it’s scarcer
or harder to get than it was (in fact, it’s the second most abundant
liquid on Earth), but for purely political reasons extremely similar
to those that keep Third World people hungry on a planet awash in

You know global warming is a complete fraud, and talk about it
frequently. So is Barack Obama — the first illegal alien to occupy
the White House — but you appear timid, afraid to speak the plain
truth about that, and a great many other critical issues of the day
that would win you hordes of new listeners and the sponsors to go with

This young woman you’re accused of having mortally insulted: you
were right about her, she is a prostitute, but not in the traditional
sense. She has prostituted herself politically, to the vile minions of
collectivism. You should have said that, instead of apologizing and
looking foolish and weak in the process, vulnerable to even more
savage attacks. I believe the public would have been a great deal more
sympathetic with you, and more willing to listen to your side, if you
were more independent, and didn’t sound like an RNC mouthpiece all the

I stopped listening to you shortly after the campaign season began
because I got tired of hearing you mock and insult the only man in the
Presidential race who is intelligent, honest, and thoroughly sane: Ron
Paul. Only Dr. Paul has the courage to call out the crooks, cowards,
bullies, and lunatics of which the past several governments have been
very largely composed. In stark contrast, the candidates you tacitly
support are little more than store dummies without an ounce of brains,
spine, guts, or testicles among them. But they’re a credit to Disney’s

More to the point, not one of them has even the faintest shadow of
a clue about getting America out of the mess it’s in. Listening to
Gingrich, Romney, or Santorum rave is almost physically painful, like
hearing some maniac who wants to throw kerosene on a fire to put it

That’s enough for now. I suppose this letter is something of an
exercise in futility, unlikely to get past your gatekeepers (one
reason I’m making it public), but if it should, I strongly suggest
that you listen more closely to Dr. Paul from now on. I’m not a part
of his campaign, I can’t speak for him, but I’ll bet he’d have a
private conversation with you if you asked. I also suggest that you
read my book _DOWN WITH POWER: Libertarian Policy In A Time Of

Finally, you should read a little book by Major General Smedley
Darlington Butler, a 34-year veteran of the United States Marine
Corps, twice the recipient of the Medal of Honor, and, at the time of
his death, the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. The book is
called _War is a Racket_; as you read it, remember that when the great
Paul Harvey changed his conscience about the War in Vietnam, his
audience increased, and listeners loved him even more than they had

L. Neil Smith
Publisher and Senior Columnist, _THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE_
Award-winning author of 33 freedom-oriented novels and books
Look for me on Google, Wikipedia, Amazon.com, and B&N.com


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The “land of the free” is in deep trouble — the deepest trouble since the War Between the States — not just economically, but politically and in every other way. Her greatest institutions are crumbling all around us.

In _DOWN WITH POWER: Libertarian Policy In A Time Of Crisis_, the acclaimed libertarian writer and thinker L. Neil Smith, author of over 30 liberty-related books and 50-year veteran of the freedom movement, strips this crisis to its essentials, offering solutions — sometimes “radical” (in the sense that they go straight to the root), more often simple common sense — resulting in a body of ideas that can elevate America to her former greatness, not in decades or years, but months.

Subjects covered in _DOWN WITH POWER: Libertarian Policy In A Time Of Crisis_ include:

[] Airport security and the TSA

[] America in space

[] Gay marriage

[] The Zero Aggression principle

[] The United Nations, terrorism, and torture

[] National defense

[] Why cities (and city governments) are obsolete

[] Global warming

[] Blood for oil

[] Intellectual property rights and internet freedom

[] Media reform

[] The rights of children

[] Limiting corporate power

[] The moral effects of taxation

[] Abortion

[] The War on (Some) Drugs

[] Feral banks

[] The rights of smokers

[] The myth of nimal rights

[] The truth about money

[] Why 1913 was the worst year in American history

>> If you’re feeling politically homeless these days;

>> If you’ve been hearing a lot about libertarianism lately, and you’re curious;

>> If you’re new to libertarianism and want to know what it’s really all about;

>> If you’re a libertarian candidate and need a campaign guide; or

>> If you just want to sort out the fakers from the real thing,

_DOWN WITH POWER: Libertarian Policy In A Time Of Crisis_ is the book for you!

And possibly a book that can change the course of history.


_DOWN WITH POWER: Libertarian Policy In A Time Of Crisis_is available at Amazon.com, B&N.com, and other outlets, in both “dead-tree” and electronic formats.

DOWN WITH POWER and the LP Platform February 29, 2012

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An acquaintance of mine sent me, among others, an appeal to help him keep the powers that be within the Libertarian Party from cutting the national platform into even tinier shreds than it’s in now.

I grew sick to death a long time ago of trying to preserve an LP platform worthy of the name from constant attacks on it by would-be Republicans within the LP ranks who are afraid to take what libertarians really believe to the public. Since 1979, the last year I served on the committee, it has gotten progressively worse.

After the Barr nomination, I was so thoroughly fed up, that I obtained a grant (private, of course) to write a book, _DOWN WITH POWER: Libertarian Policy In A Time Of Crisis_. Basically, it’s a 301-page platform for a REAL Libertarian Party or anybody else who needs a decent, individualistic ideological base.

I wrote it for a number of purposes.

First, it’s meant to serve as a “recruiting” asset to encourage individuals to become libertarians.

Second, it should help new libertarians to get their bearings in the movement. I was a libertarian for ten years before the party was organized, so I’ve seen a lot of people join up, one way or another, then wander around confused for a long while before they “got it” or left the movement in frustration.

Third, the book’s intended to serve as a campaign guide and reference for libertarians running for office, the majority of whom are usually fairly new to the movement. Since there isn’t anything else like it, it should prove useful to them and give the public a better insight into what we’re really all about.

Finally, it’s intended to embarrass the LINOs and Nerf libertarians right out of the movement. I have fond dreams of some Republicanoid candidate having to answer questions from the media that begin, “Do you _really_ believe … ” At which point the candidate has to disagree with and disavow a book written by a 50-year veteran of the movement, or choke on his own hypocrisy.

(The book has a distinctively-colored cover, so the candidate can’t miss noticing that numbers of his audience are carrying it, and probably know more about libertarianism than he does.)

Of course I have to strive to get the party associated in the minds of the press and public with the book. I’m working on that every day. And I have to make sure it sells in sufficient numbers to achieve its purposes.

_DOWN WITH POWER: Libertarian Policy In A Time Of Crisis_ can be had at Amazon.com, B&N.com, and several other places in both dead-tree and e-reader formats. An audio book will be available as soon as we can produce it.

I have fashioned a new weapon for you. Go forth and wield it.

HOW I SPEND MY WEEKENDS February 25, 2012

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My lovely and talented wife Cathy, as you may know, is an undergraduate in the archaeology program at Colorado State University, but it’s a very small department and she’s being treated more like a grad student, which in this case is a good thing.

She’s taken on a project to catalog some of the bewildering myriad of objects found in the privies of the “Vanoli block” in downtown Ouray, Colorado (the same town Ayn Rand used for Galt’s Gulch). This block is where the bars, dancehalls, and whorehouses were, all from about 1890 to 1910. The excrement is dry and no longer septic (so they say). Cathy ends up sick after an hour or two, every time she goes down to the lab. Gets to me a little, too, but it may just be psychosomatic with me.

I volunteered to help her by cataloguing the hundreds of firearms cartridges found there, and overall, it’s been extremely interesting, although why people put so much ammunition down the toilets is a mystery. With rare exceptions, everybody seems to have been shooting .22 Short, .32, and .38, some of the latter two in rimfire form. No .38 Special at all. I’ve found a bit of .41 Long Colt, maybe half a dozen .44-40s, and one .45 Colt. All of it both fired and unfired cases. I think I recall one .41 rimfire.

Shotshells are generally rotted to hell, 10 ga., 12 ga., and amazingly, some Sellier & Bellot _pinfire_ 16 gauge.

Riflewise, I’ve found .32-20, .30-30, and dozens of unfired .45-70. Winchester, Union Metallic Cartridge, and Remington headstamps, and a few others. But today I found a single spent .40-70 Sharps Straight, a cartridge I’d never seen or heard of before. It was made, among other things, for the 1895 Marlin, and was tragically underloaded, with bullets that were too heavy. These days, with decent brass (you could make it from .30-40 Krag or .303 British) it would give .38-55 or even .375 Winchester a run for the money.

The case was in great condition, the headstamp clear and sharp. Wish I could have brought it home. Wish I had a rifle chambered for it.

So now you see what gets me excited.

Pathetic, isn’t it?