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A Drug War Carol, by Susan W. Wells and Scott Bieser
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Inside, ONDCP director Scrooge McCzar is holding a press conference...

Scrooge: ... and be assured that we will never allow medical marijuana, not for anyone! Zero tolerance is the only way! We have to send the right message to our children.

Reporter 1: Director McCzar, some of your critics say your policy lacks compassion.

Scrooge: Compassion? Bah!! Humbug!!

Reporter 2: Director McCzar, some of these people are in terrible pain, even dying. They believe a few puffs of cannabis can at least ease their suffering...

Scrooge: doesn't matter. Can't have it. It's the message it sends.

Reporter 3: What message would that be? That compassion doesn't matter as much as an arbitrary, highly politicized and mean-spirited drug policy?

Scrooge: ...  What are you a legalizer?

Reporter 3: Yes I am! Regulated legalization would stop the black market and make drugs much less available to children than they are now!

Scrooge: You can't say that! You must be some kind of terrorist! Security!!

Reporter 3: How can you lock sick people up in prison just for smoking some flowers? You're inhuman.

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