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Quantum Vibe: Venus 23

Where Will Scott Be In 2016? [ Feb 29, 2016 ]

Space City Comic Con, Houston, Texas and Staple!, Austin, Texas

Scott Bieser, creator of Quantum Vibe be attending Space City Comic-Con in Houston, Texas May 27-29, in the Artist's Alley section. Scott will be at an "end-cap" table so he should be reasonably easy to find. Stay tuned for further developments.

Scott will also be attending Staple! in Austin, Texas, March 5-6. He's not there to exhibit, just to hang out for a couple of days, take in some panels and see what's shaking in this part of the Texas comics scene. If you happen to be there, you might see him.


Digital Roswell, Texas Available Now! [ Feb 1, 2016 ]

Roswell, Texas - by L. Neil Smith, Rex F. May, Scott Bieser & Jan Zach

"Wild Bill" and his Texas Rangers ride again, this time in a hi-rez, full color PDF release of the popular alternate history story from Prometheus award winner L. Neil Smith and cartooning legend Rex F. May (a.k.a. "Baloo"). Now readers can enjoy the full effect of Scott Bieser and Jen Zach's marvelous art for this fantastic tale of strangely familiar people living in a stranger world that is all too familiar.

Be the first kid on your block to get this gem of a story, now available @ DriveThru Comics..

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Roswell, Texas Coming To DriveThru! [ Jan 25, 2016 ]

Roswell, Texas - by L Neil Smith, Rex F May, Scott Bieser & Jen Zach. PDF release availabe February 1, 2016 at DriveThru Comics.

"Wild Bill" Bear and his Texas Rangers ride again this Monday, February 1st! This time as a 150ppi PDF ebook available from DriveThru Comics.

If you've never read our alternate history story online or in print, or even if you have, Scott and Jen's striking art can be seen at its best in this hi-rez version of an L Neil Smith classic tale of spies, intrigue and aliens.

You can find other Big Head Press titles at: DriveThru Comix


Holiday Break Coming Up! [ Dec 21, 2015 ]

Taking a holiday break next week.  See you back after the new year!

Quantum Vibe will be taking a week off next week, Monday December 28 through Friday January 1st, for a little holiday breather.

But never fear, we will be back with new story and new surprises Monday, January 4, with the thrilling second half of Quantum Vibe: Venus 23. See you then!


EFT 3.4 Now @ DriveThru! [ Dec 14, 2015 ]

Escape From Terra, Volume 3.4 - Gone Missing / Flora Fauna / Vest Massachussets
Sandy Sandfort, Scott Bieser, & Lee Oaks!

Dream of going to Mars your whole life but no way to get there? Maybe a decommissioned space station is just the ticket you were looking for. If only it wasn't owned by a bunch of governments who want it destroyed.

Or maybe your love for animals and your desire to make your mark is your dream. Certainly nothing could go wrong with that.

Or maybe your dream is to escape from Terra. But if you invite all your friends, can you get them to leave their bad habits back home?

The thrilling adventures of life in the belt conclude (for now) in this final volume of the digital distribution of ESCAPE FROM TERRA!

Direct To EFT v3.4 @ DriveThru Comics

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EFT 3.3 Now @ DriveThru! [ Dec 7, 2015 ]

Escape From Terra, Volumd 3.3 - The King & I: Mecrury / Error & Trial / Neanne

Never been to Mercury you say? That was the question Reggie & Babbette asked themselves and extended their “honeymoon” by getting ever closer to the sun. And like Icarus, run the risk of getting burned.

Back on Ceres, still grieving the loss of her family, Emily Rose finds coping with the stress that comes from great tragedy more difficult and confusing than she ever might have imagined. And the Guzmán brothers enlist an old friend to mount a rescue mission on Terra.

The thrilling adventures of life in the belt continue in volume 3.3 of ESCAPE FROM TERRA!

Direct To EFT v3.3 @ DriveThru Comics

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Next Week: The final volume of the digital release of Escape From Terra


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