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Two Panels

PANEL ONE (lefthand half of page)

Toward the bottom of the panel there is a circular white stone
platform or dais about 30 feet in diameter. Three or four concentric
steps lead up to it from the ground level. In the center, there's a
sizeable circular cavity. Off to the sides, we see glimpses of
equatorial vegetation, and in the background, a modernistic building
or two.

A large object is being lowered on a cabelle (cable) from an
unknown source. (Much of the panel is taken up by sky and clouds.)
It's almost touching the platform. The object being lowered is about
the same size as the Doctor's police-box Tardis, and decorated in a
Victorian manner, but it's actually round in cross-section, not
square, has a roundly-pointed underside, and many mullioned windows
and a matching door.

It's clear that the pointed bottom will fit into the cavity. The
door will be a foot or two higher than the surface of the landing

On the surface as the object touches down are a couple of liveried
footmen, one with a stepped stool contrivance in his hands. Waiting
off the disk are Krumm, Tarrant, and Demondion-Echeverria, with their
backs to us, their luggage (seabags for Krumm and Tarrant, stylish
matching cases and trunks for Demondion-Echeverria) lying about their

Demondion-Echeverria: 'Damn that Wheeler woman anyway! Who does she
think she is?'

Narrative (Tarrant): 'Hours later, on Hanover II's equator ... '


PANEL TWO (righthand half of page)

Somewhat closer to the object, now. We can see Tarrant, just going
through the open door with baggage, and inside, Krumm and
Demondion-Echeverria. The footmen stand at stoic attention outside.

Krumm: 'She's the Ceo of the Monopolity of Hanover, Frantisek. That's
all you've talked about since we left the Droom. Can't you give it a


The servants look up (we see them from the shoulderblades up) at
the object as, on its 'cabelle' (shown at an angle, intersecting the
upper righthand corner of the panel), it dwindles in the distance.

Demondion-Echeverria (from inside the lift): 'Why should I, Phoebus,
when she conscripts me -- us -- to do her dirty work, while she stays
here, safe and sound?'