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Strip 601 -- First Seen: 2010-12-27
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Back To Normal... Yay!

And... We are back!

And we're back! Scott's power and Internet was restored a few days ago, and Scott spent that time since diligently working to get the next strip up. Also, please consider supporting Scott through Patreon or Subscribestar to help keep Quantum Vibe going! You can find links to them on this page, and enjoy today's fresh strip!

Please Stand By

Hurricane Beryl damage

As many of you may have heard, huricane Beryl caused a lot of damage to buildings and infrastructure in the Houston area. It also took out power and Internet service on Galveston Island where Scott lives. As a consequence, uploads of Quantum Vibe will be delayed until power and Internet services are restored. Hopefully it will only effect Monday's strip, but we can't promise anything at this point. In any event, we will resume uploads as soon as possible. Please check back here for further developments.

The Transcript For This Page

Tall panel. The 'coal-mine canaries' walking (almost marching) through the Ceres Spaceport lobby. An older (about 38) Asian male, a younger and slightly taller Asian male with intense black eyes and an aura of lethality, a tall, sinewy Ethiopian woman, a big and beefy young white man with red hair and freckles. The men all have buzz cuts, the woman's hair is also fairly short. They wear work cover-alls, no weapons, and walk with ram-rod-straight posture. In this panel they are carrying ruck-sacks.
Caption: They arrived on an express burner from Luna. No one paid much attention to them when they arrived, but Belters who met them noticed a few odd things about them.
Caption: They only socialized with each other, but they were definitely not 'couples' of any sort. They wore civilian clothes but gave off an unmistakable aura of military experience.
Panel 2
The Water Bros. Café. The 'canaries' have just entered, and are lined up with the older Asian male in the lead. He is talking to Robyn who has some menus in hand.
Caption: The older Asian male was clearly in charge – he told the others what to do and they did it.

Panel 3
Now Robyn is clearing dirty dishes from a table not far from the Cashier stand. The 'canaries' are exiting the cafe single-file, again with the older Asian male in the lead. Emily Rose is at the Cashier-stand, looking at the departing newcomers with concern.
Caption: Most people figured them for deserters.
Caption: However, that was the sort of inquiry that Belter courtesy and respect for privacy avoided.

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