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Strip 9 - Click on page above to goto the next page. -- First Seen: 2008-09-26
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What Comes Next

The War is Over. We Won.

The war is over, but This Means War has a ways to go. Novo Paolo/Bubbleopolis is still in a nebula/stellar nursery, no one knows what happened to the planet Sharen (center of the Intergalactic Council), and the status of the now-surrendered Invaders is yet to be resolved. What will they do when they learn their homeworld is basically destroyed? Will Alyss and Li be re-united? How about Diana (the real one) and Otto?

These questions will be resolved in the next few weeks, before This Means War part 3 wraps in late May.

After that, I plan to go BACK in time about 400 years, to when Alyss and Li left their home in the Sol System to colonize a new world on the far side of the galaxy. As one might expect, hijinks ensue. New subtitle yet to be determined, start date sometime in around the start of July. Stay tuned!

A Little House Cleaning

Alyss needs your shipping address!

I can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone who backed our Kickstarter project. One small matter remains: a couple of you have yet to provide your shipping address for your rewards. As soon as possible, please either fill out the Kickstarter survey request found on the Kickstarter site, or simply send us an email Orders address and we will ship your reward soon after. If you're wondering why you haven't received a notice about this via email, please check your spam folder.

The Transcript For This Page

Strip 9

Panel 1
A moment after the previous strip’s last panel.
Guy has turned and is glaring darkly at the crewman, who’s sly smile is fading. Fiorella can be seen just behind Guy.

Guy: Fur-lined what?

Crewman: Um, handcuffs. You know, bonds, bindings. … It was just a joke.

Panel 2
Guy is not a physically imposing man but he is totally in the crewman’s face now, exuding the Force of Authority against the hapless scrounger, who is cringing now.

Guy: Well crewman Avery Mason, I see by your tag that you are from Earth and work for the ship's catering crew. If you think you are clever, let's see how clever you are on your tax return. Shall I schedule an audit?

Guy (2): You might think your books are 'clean' but everyone is up to something. Everyone, do you understand? And I will find out!

Panel 3.
Guy and Fiorella walk away down the corridor, the crewman watches them go and mutters to himself.

Crewman: Everyone’s up to something, all right, but I don’t think I want to know what goes on behind his door.

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