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Strip 26 - Click on page above to goto the next page. -- First Seen: 2008-10-20
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Guido and Kennerly celebrate the Quantum Vibe Omnibus 1 project completed and exceeding goal.

We made it! We exceeded our target goal and we're wrapping up the loose ends. Big thanks to our project backers. We're your biggest fans for supporting our project to create the Omnibus hard bound edition of Quantum Vibe: The Murphy Drive, a collection of the first three volumes of the Quantum Vibe saga.

Over the next week or so, Scott will be assembling the book pages for printing. We expect to have the printed books and other items on hand and ready for ship in December 2023. The E-book edition of the Omnibus should be available for download from DriveThruComics to those backers who selected that award. Vouchers will be sent via email.

The Transcript For This Page

Strip 26

Panel 1
Three-shot of Guy, Fiorella and Babbette (we can reverse the view now)
Guy and Fiorella look somewhat flabbergasted, Babbette is reconsidering her last remark

Guy: You have no elected officials?

Babbette: Uh, that is, we have a more traditional form of government…

Panel 2
Guy and Fiorella are now just looking puzzled as Babbette speaks to them.

Babbette: I’ll ask my sons, Bert and Ernie, to meet you in the café for breakfast – shall we say, 30 VMT?

Guy: Er, VMT?

Panel 3
Medium shot of Babbette as she explains the time-system. Over her shoulder, show Mars, with Valles Marineris (the really large, deep valley visible on its surface) in plain view.

Babbette: Vallis Marineris Time. We do most of our off-world business with Mars, and they use a decimal clock. We synchronize to Vallis Marineris, where most folks on Mars live.

Babbette (2): So 30 VMT is 30% of a Martian day past midnight in the VM time zone.

Panel 4
Same shot as Panel 2, Guy and Fiorella still looking confused. Babbette looks upward with a resigned ('tourists!') look.

Babbette: Don’t worry, I’ll set a wake-up call for 27. That’ll give you enough time to shower and dress.

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